Rise of the Runelords Campaign Homepage.

The group currently plays two different campaigns, this one and a Carrion Crown Campaign that is on-hiatus.

Our party members are:

  • Pam – A fun-loving monk, who’s a whole lot of woman – played by Andre
  • Fox – A piratey gunslinger with a secret – played by Dan
  • Kizzy – A naive girl searching for something she’s seen in her oracle visions – played by Caryn
  • Arimita – A spunky witch – played by Kylee
  • Tass – A halfling who swears, among many things, that he’s something called a Kender – played by Darin

The game is run by Russell.

Currently we’re in the middle of the Burnt Offering’s adventure, and loosely plan on transitioning back to Carrion Crown in December.

Rise of the Runelords

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