Rise of the Runelords

In The Hook's Shadow 02/03

In which our party discovers gore, and lots of it

So first, here is a direct transcription of my notes from session 02:

The party sets off for Fort Rannick and crosses a bridge. Araemita hears a large cat meowing off a path to the west. The party goes and sees what’s happening. Shalelu notices a fire pelt mountain lion. Kizzy approaches and senses something unusual, so she tries to free the mountain lion. Araemita hears barking in the distance. Tasslehoff comes to help Kizzy with the lion while Shalelu hides nearby. The cat licks Tasslehoff in gratitude for its freedom, grabs his clothing, and starts dragging him down a nearby path. Araemita heals it. Dogs run around corner. Araemita drops a dog. Ogre owner runs away. He has deformed hand. We follow cat. Russell leaves and goes kitchen. Come farm house. 21 Archers? Two ogres. Watching us deformed hand deformed head. Ogres all dead. We finds nice spear, “nice belt” (p 132), ratty blanket w crest/patches insignia of Black Arrows bloo (rangers from Ft Rannick), 2 potions cure serious, mundane leather, +1 ogre hook, ring of protection +1. Oh horrifying sculptures. Windchimes of human bone. Boarded up windows.

So make of that what you will, and on to session 3.

The party decides to enter the creepy house. They find themselves in what is clearly an utterly disgusting butcher chamber full of gore, dismembered body parts, and blood. Kizzy takes one look and nopes out of the house and into the field, where she kneels to pray for the deliverance of any who have entered this horrible place. The rest of the party, not so easily dissuaded, ventures further into the house, even though Araemita is sickened by the stench. Trapspringer finds… some of the many traps scattered throughout, possibly losing some trust fromFox, who he invites to go first. The house is scattered with human bones and items made from human flesh — we are clearly dealing with the Deliverance of ogrekin.

A pair of “child” ogrekin attack the party, drawing Kizzy’s attention. The party defeats them without her, but Fox knocks out a window so Kizzy can — reluctantly — join them without passing through the chamber of horror. The party hears the ogrekins’ “mom” calling from down the hall and proceeds in that direction, stumbling across a room full of ogrekin female infant bones along the way.

Ogre Mom is gross and surrounded by death, but the party makes short work of her, with Tasslehoff dealing a massive killing blow. They decide to keep searching the house, and upstairs, Fox gets himself poisoned by opening a chest. Fortunately, Kizzy is able to heal him up. The party collects the few scattered belongings and heads into the basement, where they discover another ogrekin and his… donkey rats. Whatever those are. Anyway, they die, and the party pauses to regroup before continuing on.


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