Rise of the Runelords

The Skinsaw Murders 07

In which our heroes kill another Foxglove

As our heroes arrive at the inn, they find the innkeeper somewhat reluctant to admit North, although he at last relents when Pam agrees to pay double and be responsible for any damages. The party eats and retires for the night.

In the morning, they find a ranger seated in the inn, eating breakfast. The man introduces himself as Kwik. While the two groups breakfast, North slashes at the table, eventually carving a very familiar looking seven pointed star. Kwik notices and mention that he’s seen the symbol around town, on an elven man wearing an amulet. Since North seems intrigued by the symbol, Pam begins wearing the amulet around her neck.

At this point Kizzy approaches the barkeeper with the dual intentions of paying for the damage caused by North and asking if the star is familiar. However, Pam becomes angry, prompting Kizzy to storm out, Araemita on her tail. In the meantime, the party asks Kwik to accompany them as they seek out Foxglove’s townhouse.

The building is three stories tall and looks as though it’s been boarded up recently. The front door is unboarded but locked, so Tasslehoff picks the lock and admits the party to a dust-free interior. A voice calls from upstairs, demanding to know who’s there. A woman comes downstairs and introduces herself as Iesha Foxglove, Aldern’s wife. Concerned that Araemita is being less than tactless, Kizzy pushes her way forward — sidestepping Pam’s attempt to grab her with a none-too-friendly glare — and gently breaks the news of Foxglove’s death.

Iesha reacts in shock, insisting that her husband is very much alive — at which point the man himself makes an entrance. Confused, the party engages in some conversation with the duo until suddenly Foxglove’s face shifts and he attacks Kizzy. During the combat, when the Foxgloves fall unconscious they transform into monstrous creatures.

After making short work of the “Foxgloves,” Pam and Kizzy argue about whether Kizzy should be telling the TRUTH! (smiling nod) or the TRUTH (frowning shake head). Eventually Kizzy agrees not to mention North’s role in any problems, even if she will not agree to subterfuge in other areas.

The party searches the house. They find two bronze statues of roaring lionheads. Araemita notices a keyhole in the back of one, and Fox pulls out the Lion Key. The lion statues slide aside to reveal a small recess, where the party finds a box of platinum and a deed giving Foxglove Manor to Vorel Foxglove and his descendants for 100 years, after which ownership will revert to the secondary financiers, the Brotherhood of the Seven. The party notes that about fifteen years remain on this contract. They also find a thin ledger. Most of it contains mundane information, but near the end they find an entry about Iesha’s trip to Absalom, denoting that Foxglove was paying someone referred to only as “B7” 200 gold, to be dropped at the Seven’s Sawmill every Oath Day.

Recognizing the name of the sawmill, the party decides to check it out. Kwik has heard of the Brotherhood of Seven, being local. He believes the elf with the amulet may be one of their leaders.

The party arrives at the mill and finds it suspiciously quiet for mid-day on a working day, if normal looking. Kizzy attempts to question passersby, but none of them are willing to offer any information on the mill. Tasslehoff picks the lock on the front door and they find themselves in a large area that looks like it may be a home for ogres. Finding nothing in particular on the ground floor, the party decides to head upstairs. As Fox flounders amidst some ropes, the party finds a group of people running an active sawmill.

Everyone starts blabbing at once, with Pam and Araemita mangling Kizzy’s attempts at diplomacy. The workers begin spreading out around the room as they argue with the party, trying to direct them out of their workspace. Pam notices them grabbing weapons and demands to know why, and the group promptly attacks. Once they are defeated, the party finds that they were wearing armor beneath their work clothes, and that they have creepy evil masks which Kizzy identifies and instantly demands they get rid of. Pam throws them into the sawmill, and Kizzy breathes a little easier as they turn their attention to the rest of the mill.


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