Rise of the Runelords

The Skinsaw Murders 09

First an important aside… Pen And Pencil

Last-Time On “Rise of the Runelords Z”

  • Judge Ironbriar was found to be leading a cult in the sawmill (or lumbermill if you prefer – they both mean the same thing) and what’s his dingus (as he was referred to by fox) as questioned and tied up while the party explored (only to soon fall unconcious)
  • Exploring the place the gang found another sihedron medallion, and in the upper areas a office/bedroom like area where the room’s walls were covered in dried out faces that had been stretched out and tacked to the wall (ew). Also the sheets on the bed in here were scratchy.
  • Above this room, through a trap door was a rookery (rook means raven – see! INSERT LINK) where-in there were found three ravens in a wood and metal cage. Alongside the cage they found a stack of blank papers and a quill for sending messages with the birds.

And now for the continuation…

  • As Pam began to lecture North about how it was important to not eat the ravens, the gang tried to decide what to do next. At first they thought they could trick or ensorcell Ironbriar into writing a note for them so that it would lead their quarry to the lumbermill (or sawmill), only to find Ironbriar quite dead.
  • The next idea was to try to ask the ravens where they were trained to be sent, but again no one had any way to cast speak with animals and getting a scroll cost money and time.
  • Then they thought, what if we follow the ravens to their destination, but they wondered what if it’s really far or the raven goes really fast? As a security measure they could forge a note and give them to the ravens, just in case – which at that point the remembered they’d found a journal.
  • Examining the journal they found it to be written in elvish, draconic, and infernal using a cypher. Using Comprehend Languages Kizzy deduced she could read it in a couple of days if she focused, but for now the only word she could make out was “Mistress”.
  • Despite this, it was enough to use as a reference for forging notes, and thus the following note was forged: “Need to meet. Lumbermill. In 2 Nights.” (it is important to note that no raves were licked as part of this process)
  • Mita released the bird, featherfell out the window, and joined the party on horseback as they followed the raven to a massive clock tower in Magnimar near a bridge called the Irespan. This tower is known locally as The Shadow Clock and looks horribly in disrepair – so much so that it is quite common for people to place bets on how many people it will kill when it falls (Fox’s current bet is 15). The tower rose far into the sky (9 floors?) and as it’s base had a massive girth of 75ft.
  • Inquiring with passers by about the tower, they found some drunk (or high) teenagers (or 20 somethings… damn those millennials… wait aren’t I a millennial? what’s the cut off for a millennial.. oh right back to to the info they gave us) said that they saw some weird creature living there – one thought it was a giant snake, the other thought it was a hulking man thing (not a penis).
  • With information gathered, they returned to the rookery and sent the second raven, only to have it go to the EXACT SAME PLACE, causing Pam to defeatedly exclaim “Fuck”, and Fox to run back to the rookery and sent a dick he doodled earlier on with the final raven.
  • Any indication of subterfuge was gone at this point, so Fox and Tas snuck into the the main floor to find the internals in a similar state of ruin, piles of plaster could be found heaped on the floor, and 6 offices with collapsed ceilings all had entrances on this floor. Woodenstairs spiraled upwards towards a 4 brass bells hanging far above. Despite all this ruin several sets of medium size and one large misshapen set of footprints could be easily made out on the floor.
  • Having seen no signs of danger Fox and Tas returned to get the party, setting marching order and heading upwards… only to have Fox promptly stabbed in the back with something scythe-y. Turning to see thier adversary a large flesh golem had come out of hiding on the main floor. Fox promptly shot it in the face for near massive (47) damage, followed by Pam trying to bluff it with one of the sihedron medallions (did not work), and Tas trying to jump off the stairs only to get hit by the scythe and faceplant onto the ground below.
  • After a few more shots from fox (and Mita finding out that magic does shit-all to golems) the golem began to run, and shot it again, shot it TO DEATH.
  • On the creature the gang found a cloak of elvenkind (Fox took this), and they also retrieved the scythe, which was magical but unidentifiable at the moment.
  • Off to the side, in one of the piles of debris, Mita found a leather sack containing gold, silver, a mirror, and a ring
  • And then we faded to black cause we was tireds


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