Rise of the Runelords

The Skinsaw Murders 10

In Which our Heroes Don't Defeat a Lamia

The party makes yet another attempt to venture up the stairs of the clock tower, but immediately a bell comes crashing down, damaging Kizzy, Araemita, Pam, and Fox, and sending Araemita tumbling once more to the ground.

Araemita examines the bell on the ground and realizes that the rope was cut through, not frayed. The party continues on with Tasslehoff in the lead, scouting the way. They reach the top of the stairs and enter the belltower, where three faceless stalkers wait. The party defeats them and claims their masterwork longswords, then continues along the staircase, which winds up and out to the next floor. Once there, they find another rookery and the messages they sent earlier, including a certain crumpled up drawing.

On the top floor, they emerge through a large, demonic looking angel statue and find themselves facing a nest of silk sheets and chests. A demon arises from the nest, but Kizzy and Araemita realize it doesn’t look like any demon they’ve ever seen — more like someone’s idea of a demon.

Something stabs Tasslehoff in the back, revealing itself to be a lamia. Kizzy identifies the demon as an illusion and the party focuses its energy on the lamia. Once they wear it down, it calls them names and takes off, promising to return. The party chases it to the ocean but can’t track it down. Returning to the tower, they find a pile of loot as well as a scrap of parchment reading:

My sister,

I trust your little band of murderers is doing well gathering the greedy soul for our Lord’s rise. Has Magnimar proven to be as sinful as you had hoped? It may interest you to know that my plan to nurture greed here in this backwater has blossomed — the quality of greed in a soul is so much more refined when it is given the proper care. Are you still simply carving the Sihedron on them as they expire? How crude! My method of marking is so much more elegant. In any event, I’m sure that your plans for harvesting greed where and when you can find it “in the wild” are progressing well enough — I just hope that your raw, ungroomed, and likely inferior victims don’t interact poorly when mixed with the purity of my own subjects. If you tire of your little project there, know that you’re always welcome to come to Turtelback Ferry and serve as my assistant, little sister! Fort Rannick should be in our control by the time your receive this letter, in any event, so there’ll be plenty of room for you if you wish to take me up on my generous offer.

Oh! Before I forget! Have you managed to harvest that lord-mayor yet? By all accounts, he might just be the crea, of the crop in Mangimar — his soul might even rival several from my hand-grown harvest!


andre_pro_pro cswark

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