Captain Reginald Fox (Shinintaku)

Captain of the Dread Ravager, albeit briefly


As a young kitsune from the Goka city-state in Tian Xia, Shinintaku stowed away aboard his father’s merchant ship. They were caught in a gale, marooned, and he was the sole survivor. He managed to stay alive with what he could find washed up on the beach, and what fell from the trees in the nearby jungle.

His salvation came in an unlikely form. Pirates. The island was one of their hideouts, and they were returning with heavy holds to stash away their plunder. Shinintaku shifted into his human form and set out to meet them.

They took pity on the poor shipwrecked boy, and brought him into the fold. He quickly fabricated a human name to go by, and soon Reginald Fox became a swabbie aboard the Dread Ravager.

He moved from cleaning the decks to working in the powder room. The crew trained him to fight, and Captain “Scrimshaw” Jones took a keen interest in his progress. Death in the ranks soon saw him rise to the spot of Quartermaster, a development that garnered resentment from the crew.

The Ravager was caught after a lucrative score, its belly full of gold making it an easy target on the open seas. An ambush by pirate hunters saw her boarded, the captain killed during the skirmish. With his dying breath he handed the ship to Fox. But no amount of tactics could turn the tide, and soon the fight was lost.

The crew were clapped in irons and taken in for trial. In an effort to find mercy from their captors, every single one of them declared that Captain Fox had the sole claim to the Ravager and its heinous exploits.

He was to be hanged in the square in a public execution, as an example to all who plied the piracy trade. Before the execution could take place, one of his captors lowered his guard and Fox capitalized on the opportunity. He strangled the guard with his chains, then took the man’s gun and used it to blast himself free.

He fled through a grate and into the sewers where he adopted his natural kitsune form to elude the guards. Once he was safe, he left the city and began to craft a new strategy. The Dread Ravager still needed its captain. But to reclaim his ship, he’d need coin, crew, and a whole lot of firepower.

With that in mind, he set out on the path of adventure. The coin part could come first.

Captain Reginald Fox (Shinintaku)

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