Kizzy Talla

Can I touch that?


From the moment of her birth, everyone who saw Kizzy adored her. She grew up in a gypsy encampment, the beloved daughter of her parents, fiercely guarded by nine older brothers — all the more so because it quickly became evident that something was different about her.

She referred blithely to “friends” no one could see, and objects around her behaved in strange ways. Her worried brothers taught her to fight, and she learned to humor them, because all Kizzy ever really wanted was to make others happy. She would often vanish, much to her family’s chagrin, and be found either deep in the woods or in a nearby town, cheerfully befriending cut throats and prostitutes.

All was well in Kizzy’s world. Her parents, at last recognizing her for an oracle, arranged a teacher, and she took to her lessons happily and devoutly. No manner of teaching could make her see the mischievous spirits surrounding her as anything but friends, though. Meditating one night, Kizzy was struck with a powerful vision and sense of purpose.

She realized that she could continue in her quest to help others much more effectively if she found a certain object. She wasn’t clear on what the object was, but she was sure she would know it if she touched it.

Assuming she would find it nearby, she began scouring the camp and countryside, touching everything she could find. After several months of this, she realized the object she sought wasn’t close at hand, that she would have to set out to find it — and that perhaps this too was part of the journey.

Unfortunately, when she confided her plans to her eldest brother, Simeon, he became furious at the thought of his naive little sister wandering the world in search of some mysterious unknown object. He reported her plans to the family, and they reluctantly locked Kizzy away for her own good.

But the visions persisted. Unable to lie to her family, Kizzy at last had no choice but to break out of her comfortable prison and set off In the middle of the night, covering her tracks so her family couldn’t follow.

Weeping bitterly, she turned her back to the encampment and set out on her journey of discovery. Fortunately, a few stray cats, a sick old woman, and a number of shiny objects soon distracted her from her troubles, and Kizzy’s cheerful nature shone through again.

Kizzy Talla

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