Pamilla "Pam" Poovidottir

Fists with a Heart of Gold, and an Itch for Gluttony


Pamilla grew up on a small dairy farm outside of Losthome (Lands of the Linnorm Kings).

Despite her weight, which she was often bullied over as a child, she is surprisingly agile, likely owing to spending her errant hours playing on the logs in the nearby lumberyards.

Her interest in the martial arts began at the age of 13 when a young tien martial artist spent a summer working on her family’s farm.

At age 17 she stole away from home, and began travelling looking for someone to teach her. During these journeys she’s raced mammoth’s with a group of Tien gangsters, raised funds for her training in an underground fighting ring, briefly became addicted to Flayleaf (she occasionally still indulges in it’s less-addictive cousin Cabble-Weed to scratch the itch), and discovered that she is deadly allergic to the soija bean popular in the cuisine of Tien Xia.

Recently, she has begun to grow restless being confined to her sensei’s monastery, and to this end has abandoned her formal teaching in search of excitement in the more southern countries of Golarion.

Pamilla "Pam" Poovidottir

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