Rise of the Runelords

In The Hook's Shadow 05

In Which Our Heroes Unpollute a Stream

The party loots the woman they defeated in the last chapter. Kizzy detects magic on the woman’s breast and promptly strips her to find a tattoo of a Sihedron rune. Since this is of no use to the party, she respectfully recovers the body. The party divvies up the rest of the spoils. They also find a scroll reading “Those who have agreed to grant their greed to the master’s need.” A dozen names are beneath, including that of the Black Arrow who abandoned us earlier, although the Black Arrows don’t recognize the rest of the names.

Tasslehoff soon hears the rest of the ogres retreating, which leaves the Black Arrows to reclaim Fort Rannick. Shalelu agrees to stay on and help the Black Arrows rebuild, and the Arrows mention a number of other small issues they wouldn’t mind entrusting to the party. After Fox spends the night playing sketchy card games with the soldiers, even though they have nothing of value to wager, the party awakens to a raging downpour.

Araemita decides to spend the day helping the soldiers, not wanting to brave the storm, but Tass, Fox, and Kizzy set out in search of the source of what is polluting the local water supply. As they climb the mountain, the party finds a combination of excretion from some sort of creature and what Fox recognizes as alchemical refuse.

Climbing further, Tasslehoff catches a glimpse of a figure in the rain, and the party tracks it to a cave. Kizzy shouts into the cave, politely requesting that whoever is inside stop polluting the stream, and gets a face full of fire for her troubles.


The party makes short work of the hag and find the source of the pollution, a table from which her alchemical resources are sliding. They clean up, loot the area, and return to rest for the night.


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