Rise of the Runelords

In The Hook's Shadow 06

Mostly containing battle

Flushed from their recent victory, Araemita transports the party back to Fort Rannick to collect Kizzy, who is dismayed to find that her good friend tells lies. In spite of Kizzy’s dismay, though, the party heads for Skulls Crossing. The weather is cold and dreary as they travel, eventually arriving to find a massive dam. Five large skulls decorate it, and hundreds more are carved along its surface. There is evidence of recent damage, and it is clear that unless the rains stop soon, there is a fantastic disaster in the making.

Tasslehoff spots figures ahead, and the party decides to advance carefully up a tall flight of stone stairs ending in a cave, lined with stakes topped with skulls. Kizzy is able to recognize these as giant territory markers. She has trouble climbing the stairs, but with Fox’s help, everyone makes it to the top.

In the cave, Kizzy and Araemita, who is flying, approach a large cliff and find themselves facing a two-headed creature. The party is able to eliminate him and proceeds to the top of the dam. It is somewhat crumbled and very treacherous: to the north, choppy waters rush along; to the south, there is a 300 foot drop. There are five ogres destroying the dam. The party promptly attacks them, but the battle is tougher than anticipated, and during the combat Araemita falls dead. The rest of the party emerges victorious and hurries to return Araemita to Fort Rannick, desperate to resurrect their fallen friend.


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