Rise of the Runelords

In The Hook's Shadow 07

In Which Our Party Reforms

In the wake of the carnage where the ogres attacked, the party finds a note on one of the ogres, which translates to:

Destroy the dam
Drown the town
Release the souls for Karzoug
Return to Hook Mountain
-Barl Breakbones

Kizzy is deeply traumatized by Araemita‘s apparent demise, and frantically channels energy as they return to Fort Rannick, all the while ignoring a new ghost which seems to have appeared and be urging her to let Araemita go. Upon their return, the Black Arrows convince Kizzy — with some difficulty, and the assistance of her new ghost — that Araemita’s grizzly remains can NOT be revived, not even with the aid of Tasslehoff’s “magical” items. Reluctantly, the party buries their friend.

The Black Arrows invite them to rest the night, as they have sent to Corvosa for reinforcements. Fox and Tass have a passionate night of drinking before the new reinforcements arrive with an adorable bear. The party meets Marithiel and her squire Alderic, who offer to join them at the dam in an effort to solve the problem there.

Inside the dam, the party finds graffiti on the walls: Below dwells Wet Papa Grazul. All hail Wet Papa Grazul. The party finds some treasure, a lot of fungus, and a few trolls, all of which they deal with promptly. In the area below, they also encounter a scorpion construct, and some neat shooting from Fox saves Tasslehoff from losing his head. Exhausted from the combat, the party prepares to explore the remainder of the dam.


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